What is it like to be a mother?

What is it like to be a mother?

My own mom had two words:

Worth it.

I joked around about poopy diapers being hard, but then she said, “No. What was hard was seeing the heartbreak and not being able to fix it.”

So I can only imagine what my mother has gone through, seeing my depression and various battles I’ve faced. I never faced them alone though, I always had her. My mom, my champion, my friend who never judged me but loved me unconditionally, even when I was broken and hurtful.

Moms deserve more credit then they get. They go through so much. Right as soon as their child is born, or adopted in my case, they start to nurture and love on the little child, but they also start to deal with the hard stuff.

Hard stuff starts off with the screaming baby when they don’t know what to do or how to comfort him or her. Then come the nasty poopy diapers. Then come the toddler years where injuries happen while they learn how to walk and to run. Then comes the disobedience and the difficult years of teaching good morals to the young ones who act like they know everything.

But then as they get older, the hard stuff gets harder. Scraped knees turn into heartbreak over a boy or girl that they liked but it didn’t work out. Coughs and colds turn into mental health problems like depression.

It is much harder to heal a broken heart, especially when that broken heart doesn’t want to be healed. It’s much harder to treat depression than a cold, because sometimes medicine just doesn’t work.

It must be so hard for a mom to go through and see the hard stuff happening to her child(ren).

So what makes my mom look at me and say, “It’s worth it.”?

Is it the first smile, the first unsteady steps, the first time I ran? Was it my sense of humor that developed, my personality? What made going through all the hard stuff ‘worth it’?

I didn’t know the answer, so I asked her.

She smiled at me and said, “Because I had you. I’ve always wanted to be a mother.”

Happy Mothers day to the moms out there willing to go through the hard stuff. And happy mothers day to my mom who smiles at me and still loves me despite the hard things.


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